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We understand how scary or frustrating it can be when we are told that someone has concerns about a child in our care or when we are trying to find the right support for our family. An important step in addressing this is to get the right support and advice as early as we can.

As an experienced Children’s Social Worker who has worked extensively in a busy London Local Authority as well as the Home Counties, I understand how essential it is to understand the situation that is facing you, but also know what options are available and the action to take.

I have managed and supported a large team of highly skilled Social Workers and Family Support Workers. I have also managed a Women’s Refuge, Homeless and Housing projects and spent over 20yrs advising families and individuals on a range of often difficult and complex issues.

The core ethos of Metanioa and the team we work with is that we care passionately about families feeling empowered with options and the right information. No two families or situations are the same and we pride ourselves in wanting to take time to learn about your situation and understand what is right for you so we can take the right steps forward.

With skills, experience and expertise in many aspects of safeguarding, risk assessments, producing child in need and support plans, training and producing policies and procedures; let our team provide you with expert advice and guidance on all areas. From one-off guidance when setting up a group or business, to on-going guidance to support your clients or business. Our up to date legal and procedural knowledge, combined with an expert child-focused approach will ensure that you feel confident and supported.

Family Matters

Are we right for you?

At a time when you are able to access a wealth of information at the click of a button or have access to solicitors to advise you on complex legal points, why choose Metanoia?

Often information on the internet will provide a broad outline of options, but every family is so unique and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to many challenges we face.

We know that to use expert legal advice can come at a high cost and whilst Solicitors can provide a legal framework, there is not often the offer of emotional and practical advice. What is needed is someone impartial that can listen to your situation and offer support and advice and help plan next steps which are right for you.

When it comes to our families and loved ones, we want to make the right choices and changes and this requires us understanding what our options are and having the right support beside us.

Also not all situations require a Solicitor and this can cause some situations to escalate. What is required is expert first-hand knowledge and advice to talk through the processes and legislation, to understand how this feels for you and your child/ family and help you plan a course of action.

Let Metanoia use our years of experience to support you.

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