Value for money

At Metanoia we understand that the cost of our services is an important consideration for our clients. Our commitment to you is that we will work as efficiently as possible without compromising on either our quality nor our desire to deliver the best possible outcome for you. By focusing on the key issues right from the start we can ensure that you get value for money in your dealings with us.

Getting started

For new clients we offer an initial no obligation 25 minute free of charge discussion. The consultation can be in over the phone or by exchange of email. This is an opportunity for you to seek initial advice on your case, get a second opinion, or gather sufficient information to take the case forward yourself.

Our Fees

The cost of our fees should you wish to proceed with us are:

*All fees quoted on this page are exclusive of VAT and disbursements.
Initial consultation is 25mins

Next Steps

To get started please email us on

Initial Consultation (25 minutes)


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