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School & Education

Schooling & Education

We know how important education is, yet on occasions, being at school can leave children feeling worried, anxious and unhappy. Whether this is linked to issues with friendships, the fear and worry of being bullied or not feeling like they fit in, this can be a difficult time.

This unhappiness and anxiety can also be linked to struggling with the style of lessons and teaching provided or the lack of the right support. We know if these issues are not addressed early on, then it can become a battle to get your child into school. It could also lead to changes in how they act and behave at home and with their friends at school and could mean so they will not reach their full potential.

Whilst we know many schools take these issues seriously and are keen to reach a solution, we also know that sometimes relationships between families and schools can become strained and or breakdown and it can feel that there is not a way forward.

We also know that it can feel daunting attending meetings with schools and knowing the best way to get your child the support they need.

This is where we can support you

With extensive experience of working in schools, advising staff and Head teachers, we can work with you to look at what options and next steps are right for your child and for your family. We can support you work towards a solution that makes your child feel happier and supported in school.

How can we support you?

We can help you to build or rebuild lines of communication with your child’s school Support you prepare for meetings with your child’s school and explore ways for you to raise concerns.
Help you get the right provision for your child so they feel safe and supported, whether this in linked to bullying or additional educational needs.
Support you communicating your concerns to the in a way that makes you feel safe and supported.
Help to prepare for meetings with your child’s and how to raise concerns
Support with getting the right support for your child so they feel safe and supported

Support you build or rebuild lines of communication with the schools

Support you communicating your concerns to the school about any particular challenges your family or child are experiencing in a way that makes you feel safe and supported.

Support you with attendance at meetings with schools and with raises concerns

Support with getting the right support for your child so they feel safe and support in school

Family Matters

When we are facing challenging times as a families or are concerned about our children it can be easy to feel alone, frustrated or worried about what to do next. At times like this, we can all benefit from support and advice and this is where we come in. With extensive experience of supporting individuals and families, we aim to understand your family’s needs and help you decide on next steps.

We know if Social Services/ the Local Authority become involved with your family this can be a worrying time. We know that it is important to seek support as early as you can and it is our aim to guide you through the process with practical and emotional support.
We will work carefully and sensitively through complex issues relating to the care of your child, the concerns about someone else’s care of a child and child contact arrangements. We will take time to talk you through your position, in language and terms that are clear and provide you with details of your options.
We are committed and experienced in supporting families make decisions that are correct to safeguard and protect children’s wellbeing as well as protect your rights as a parent / family or guardian.
We know that when parents of children separate or family arrangements break down, this can be stressful and upsetting for everyone. Let us explore with you some creative and practical advice and options. We know how hard it is to not have contact with a child or a family member and we know that when emotions run high, views and opinions can make it feel that situations cannot be changed. Yet with support and medication, outside of a formal court/ solicitor arena we will look at ways to start a conversation and explore potential solutions.
We know that in some families and relationships, there can be situations where the children and adults can feel scared, threatened or even assaulted. Where we have worries and concerns about the behaviours or actions of someone we love. Let us provide carefully constructed safety advice and plans alongside carefully tailored advice regarding legal and housing options.

When it comes to caring for someone else’s child, looking at fostering or adopting a child, we know these can be a life changing steps and the process can be daunting and complicated. With our support we can explain some of the processes, assessment and explore with you what to expect so you can make the right choices for you as a family.

Family Matters

Family Matters

How can we support you?

With tailor made advice that is individual to your family’s need, we can be there every step of the way as you address concerns and access support.
We can help you explore ways to build and rebuild relationships and contact arrangements
We can advise regarding safety plans, legal and housing options should it no longer be safe to stay where you are
We can provide practical advice for those looking to foster or adopt.

Professional Advice

Professional Advice

If you are as Sports Club, children group or centre providing activities for young people we can support you with risk assessments and policies and provide safeguarding advice and training. If you work within the legal system and require first hand knowledges of process and procedures from inside Social Care then we can provide that expert insight along support Schools and Educational establishments eith issues regarding engagement and safeguarding concerns.

How can we support you?

We can write and advise on updating policies and procedures as well as advise on changes in legislation and proactive guidance

We can support you with risk assessment and provide detailed and venue specific safeguarding advice and guidance

We can review Social Work files and assessments and explore and advise on next steps

We can provide mediation and a framework to engage hard to reach families, advise on plans of support and team around the families meetings to ensure they are effective at driving forward change